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Twitch CEO Moves Forward With Idea To Reduce Pre-Roll Ads

The newly appointed Twitch CEO, Dan Clancy, has made some announcements concerning Twitch's setup with pre-roll ads. For those not

Jessica Kamphouse By Jessica Kamphouse

Sound Effects Artist Joanna Fang Shows Process For God of War Ragnarok’s Sound Effects

Any media, including video games, have background work behind the scenes that fans often don't get to look right in

Jessica Kamphouse By Jessica Kamphouse

Samuel L. Jackson Comments on Tarantino Marvel Opinion

Pulp Fiction and Marvel Cinematic Universe actor Samuel L. Jackson recently responded in an interview about Quentin Tarantino's opinions on

C. Anthony Rivera By C. Anthony Rivera

Brooklyn Nets Suspend Kyrie Irving For At Least 5 Games

Following Kyrie Irving's recently released statement for promoting an anti-Semitic film, Brooklyn Nets suspended him for failing to apologize properly.

Uzoma Chinaka By Uzoma Chinaka

Prince Harry Visits Africa to Host Wildlife Touring

Prince Harry has visited his second home, Africa, to host U.S officials for a wildlife tour. The Duke of Sussex

Uzoma Chinaka By Uzoma Chinaka

LeBron James Speaks on Son, Bronny’s College Plans

Basketball star, LeBron James talks about his eldest son, Bronny's college plans on social media. The Los Angeles Lakers star

Uzoma Chinaka By Uzoma Chinaka

Zion Williamson: ‘80%’ of NBA Are Into Anime

In a recent article on GQ, New Orleans Pelicans star Zion Williamson opened up about his love for anime and

Jacobi Reddix By Jacobi Reddix

Shanna Moakler’s Boyfriend Pleads Not Guilty

Shanna Moakler's boyfriend, Matthew Rondeau, has responded to several charges of domestic violence by the LA City attorney. Rondeau pleaded

Uzoma Chinaka By Uzoma Chinaka

Platinum Games Makes Former Nintendo Executive Vice President

Platinum Games has announced that they have appointed a new vice president and chief brand officer, former Nintendo licensing general

James Bell By James Bell

Doctor Strange Writer Discusses Strange’s Future in the MCU

Screenwriter Michael Waldron discussed Stephen Strange's future in the MCU after the premiere of Doctor Strange in the Multiverse of Madness

Jacobi Reddix By Jacobi Reddix

Sam Raimi Opens Up About Possible Spiderman 4

In a long interview with Rolling Stone, Sam Raimi discussed coming back to the superhero genre, Doctor Strange 2, and

Jacobi Reddix By Jacobi Reddix

Josh Brolin Explains How Committing To A Role Cost Him An Audition

Josh Brolin is a popular actor known for being cast in movies like Deadpool 2, Avengers: End Game, and No

kaillaby By kaillaby

Charlie Cox Doesn’t Like The 2003 Daredevil Movie

These days, Charlie Cox spends a lot of time talking about Daredevil and the previous movie. Three years after he

Faith Lane By Faith Lane

Sebastian Stan & Anthony Mackie “On Break,” Haven’t Spoke This Year

One of Marvel's most famed bromances is on the fritz. At least temporarily we hope. Sebastian Stan and Anthony Mackie

Faith Lane By Faith Lane

Charlie Cox Wants Changes To Daredevil Suit

Charlie Cox played Matt Murdock, Daredevil, over the course of three seasons on the Netflix series. But when the streaming

Faith Lane By Faith Lane

Charlie Cox Daredevil Wants A Crossover With “Sexy” Black Widow

In a recent interview, it was said that Charlie Cox, aka Daredevil, wants a crossover with "sexy" Black Widow. There

Faith Lane By Faith Lane

Interview: Chris DeMoulin Talks Los Angeles Comic Con

Los Angeles Comic Con is approaching fast and the panel schedule is fully released. With two weeks left, plans need

Connor Hutcheson By Connor Hutcheson

Interview: Game World Illuminated Talks About Video Games and Candles

Something's In The Air with Game World Illuminated Etsy can be the home to many creative outlets from around the

C. Anthony Rivera By C. Anthony Rivera

Xalavier Nelson Jr. Talks About El Paso, Elsewhere During E3 2021

Day Four of E3 2021 is coming to a close. With all of the AAA titles out of the way,

C. Anthony Rivera By C. Anthony Rivera

Author L.L. McKinney On the Return of Wonder Woman Character, Nubia

We at The Nerd Stash are here for the anxiously awaited return of the Wonder Woman comic book character, Nubia.

Nerd Stash Staff By Nerd Stash Staff

The Quirky Quark: Passing of Former ‘First Dog’ Confirms Heaven is Real

In light of the tragic passing of the Obama family’s former ‘First Dog,’ Bo, this past Saturday, recent Twitter activity

Christine Balan By Christine Balan

Taika Waititi Claims Thor: Love and Thunder is the “Best Marvel Film Ever”

Thor: Love and Thunder's Final Filming Days with Taika Waititi The acclaimed creative director behind Thor: Ragnarok, Jojo Rabbit, and

C. Anthony Rivera By C. Anthony Rivera

The Quirky Quark: Apple iPhone 13 to Ship Without Apple iPhone 13

Though exact details of the release date for Apple’s newest iPhone are still unknown, Lisa Jackson, Apple’s vice president of

Christine Balan By Christine Balan

The Quirky Quark: Black Hole ‘Not Too Keen’ On Its New Name

In an exclusive interview on April 21 between reporter Morven Braedus and the Milky Way Galaxy’s newly discovered ‘The Unicorn,’

Christine Balan By Christine Balan

Oliver Sacks Documentary: ‘His Own Life’ Premieres on PBS

Dr. Oliver Sacks, a world-renowned neurologist and author named “The Poet Laureate of Medicine” by The New York Times, left

Christine Balan By Christine Balan