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5 Ways Phantom Liberty Restored Our Faith In CDPR

Cyberpunk 2077 has evolved into its final form.

Patrick Armstrong By Patrick Armstrong

Does Saw X Have a Post-Credits Scene?

You should always stay for the Saw credits music.

Tristyn Akbas By Tristyn Akbas

House of the Dragon Season 2 Release Date and All Details So Far

House of the Dragon will be returning for a second run, titled Dance of the Dragons. Here is everything to

Chukwudi Onyewuchi By Chukwudi Onyewuchi

Dogtown Is A Great Addition To Night City

The real hive of scum and villainy.

Julio La Pine By Julio La Pine

Genshin Impact 4.1 Has Changed The Daily Commission System (& It’s Way Better)

HoYoverse has finally gotten around to updating Genshin Impact's old Daily Commission system.

Ryan Clouse By Ryan Clouse

Phantom Liberty’s New Police System Is Great

Woop-woop, that's the sound of the police.

Julio La Pine By Julio La Pine

5 Cyberpunk Phantom Liberty Improvements Stealth Players Will Love

If you're looking to get the jump on Gonks in Cyberpunk 2077: Phantom Liberty, we've got you covered on how.

Adam Braunstein By Adam Braunstein

5 Ways Netflix’s One Piece Season 2 Can Improve

One Piece managed to deliver a decent season of anime-inspired TV against all odds. Where could the second season make

Joshua McCoy By Joshua McCoy

10 Best Kills In The Saw Franchise

Do you want to play a game?

Nickolas Davis By Nickolas Davis

Dumb Money Review: Revenge of the Nerds

Dumb Money to the moon?

Tristyn Akbas By Tristyn Akbas

The Avatar Franchise Needs To Do Better Than Quest for Balance

Even the cabbage merchant couldn't save it.

Tristyn Akbas By Tristyn Akbas

5 Games Like Cyberpunk 2077 That Could Benefit From a Reboot Update

Chooms know how good Cyberpunk 2077 2.0 is, so what about some other games that could benefit from a similar

Adam Braunstein By Adam Braunstein

Star Wars: Could the Distant Past Be as Compelling as the Future?

How can a franchise that's terrified to break new ground find something new to explore? Star Wars can find new

Joshua McCoy By Joshua McCoy

Monster Hunter Now Succeeds Where Pokemon Go Fails

Pokemon Go might new a coat of paint — in the form of a ball.

Ethan Webb By Ethan Webb

Did the Mortal Kombat Movie Influence Mortal Kombat 1’s Roster?

Reiko and Nitara might not have made their way into Mortal Kombat 1 if they hadn't enjoyed a recent big-screen

Joshua McCoy By Joshua McCoy

10 Mortal Kombat 1 Easter Eggs You Probably Missed

Did you know that Johnny Cage has created Mortal Kombat?

Amir Naseri By Amir Naseri

Ahsoka’s Fight Scenes Deliver a Stronger Narrative Than Its Dialogue

Every clash of glowing blades is an opportunity to tell a story. Ahsoka has learned that lesson, but it doesn't

Joshua McCoy By Joshua McCoy

Ahsoka: How Does the Latest Star Wars Show Handle War?

The latest Disney+ series has introduced a nuanced take on Ahsoka Tano's life as a soldier and what could come

Joshua McCoy By Joshua McCoy

Felix Jorge Interview: How One Man Is Changing Media Production

An interview with Felix Jorge, founder of Narwhal Studios and an innovator in digital set design.

Adam Braunstein By Adam Braunstein

How Big Starfield Is Compared to Other Bethesda RPGs

Starfield can fit a lot of Skyrims in it.

Victor Tan By Victor Tan

Is Hayden Christensen Better in Ahsoka than He Was in the Prequels?

Anakin seems much more comfortable as a Master than a Learner, and Ahsoka finally gives Hayden Christensen a chance to

Joshua McCoy By Joshua McCoy

Top 10 Hardest Bosses in Lies of P, Ranked

Lies of P challenges players with some classic souls-like bosses.

Ryan Clouse By Ryan Clouse