The Nerd Stash

Fact-Checking Policy

We strive for 100% accurate headlines and aim to make sure every news article is meticulously evaluated.  It is our goal to make sure the distinction between an article based on rumors and one based on verified information is abundantly clear to our readers. Our process for fact-checking is taken very seriously! Our integrity depends on it!

Dependable Sources and Accurate Information

We believe that words are powerful, and our writers are held to a standard to act responsibly. It is the writer’s responsibility to verify all facts and confirm that all information used in our content comes from dependable sources per our guidelines and ethics policy.

Accuracy is important! All stories are checked to make sure they include accurate facts.  Our editorial staff will also evaluate articles before being published for inaccuracies or other fact-checking issues.  

We are against misinformation and the spread of false claims or fake news. Our writers must be precise with their words, headlines, and URLs, as their words are powerful. It is against our policy to share unverified or inaccurate information with our integrity on the line.

Corrections and Updates

Mistakes are unavoidable and will occur on occasion. When we have discovered a mistake, we will always strive to correct the errors promptly. Integrity is of utmost importance to The Nerd Stash, and we will always own up to our mistakes as it is the right thing to do.

Previously published content is occasionally reviewed and updated with new and accurate information as part of our ongoing commitment to providing accurate and up-to-date information. If an update pertains to a topic that has more than one story, our goal is to make sure you have easy access to the whole story. 

To discuss a correction or make an update inquiry, please contact [email protected].

Fair and Impartial Information

The Nerd Stash also understands the importance of providing fair and impartial information. When information or statements are disputed, we will make every effort to notify our readers.

When we are provided information (i.e., rumors, leaks, announcements, etc.) that is not from an official source, we will attempt to make contact with a representative to allow them the opportunity to share their perspective or side of the story.

There are policies and guidelines in place, and if the content submitted by writers does not meet the standards, they will be asked by the editorial staff to adjust it accordingly.