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Genshin Impact 4.1 Has Changed The Daily Commission System (& It’s Way Better)

HoYoverse has finally gotten around to updating Genshin Impact's old Daily Commission system.

Ryan Clouse By Ryan Clouse

Phantom Liberty’s New Police System Is Great

Woop-woop, that's the sound of the police.

Julio La Pine By Julio La Pine

The Avatar Franchise Needs To Do Better Than Quest for Balance

Even the cabbage merchant couldn't save it.

Tristyn Akbas By Tristyn Akbas

Monster Hunter Now Succeeds Where Pokemon Go Fails

Pokemon Go might new a coat of paint — in the form of a ball.

Ethan Webb By Ethan Webb

10 Mortal Kombat 1 Easter Eggs You Probably Missed

Did you know that Johnny Cage has created Mortal Kombat?

Amir Naseri By Amir Naseri

New EVE ‘Vanguard’ FPS Title Announced During Fanfest 23

Another extraction shooter enters the fray.

Alex Gibson By Alex Gibson

How Big Starfield Is Compared to Other Bethesda RPGs

Starfield can fit a lot of Skyrims in it.

Victor Tan By Victor Tan

Mortal Kombat 1 Character Tier List: Best Kombatants

If you're wondering who are the best characters in MK1, you've come to the right place!

Vladyslav Petrenko By Vladyslav Petrenko

The Unity Engine Signed Its Own Death Warrant & There Might Be No Going Back

With Unity's new pricing plans, the game-dev space has been set ablaze. Even if something is done, the impact is

Danish Taleef By Danish Taleef

Lies of P vs. Bloodborne: Which Souls-Like Is Best?

A newcomer is sparring with a titan of the Souls-Like genre and only one can come out on top.

Nickolas Davis By Nickolas Davis

Lies of P Story Summary & Ending Explained

Lies of P is a bit darker than Collodi's Adventures of Pinocchio.

Nickolas Davis By Nickolas Davis

5 Items You Should Never Sell in Lies of P

Even if you want Ergo, there are some items you should never sell when playing Lies of P.

Julio La Pine By Julio La Pine

5 Starfield Features Mods Probably Can’t Add

Players love transforming their favorite Bethesda games with mods. Unfortunately, there are some things in Starfield that mods can't change.

Patrick Armstrong By Patrick Armstrong

Starfield Breaks The 40-Second Rule

The 40-Second Rule keeps players from getting bored. Starfield breaks that rule constantly. But does that mean Bethesda's new RPG

Patrick Armstrong By Patrick Armstrong

Starfield vs. Skyrim: Which Game Is More Immersive?

More than a decade after its release, Skyrim still holds a special place in players' hearts. Bethesda games tend to do that. The tireless

Patrick Armstrong By Patrick Armstrong

3 Ways Genshin Impact Could Have Avoided its Anniversary Event Blunder

Later this month, Genshin Impact is celebrating its third anniversary. As is the case with every anniversary celebration thus far, HoYoverse is

Ryan Clouse By Ryan Clouse

How Starfield’s Procedural Generation Misses the Mark

Bethesda is known for the scope and complexity of its games, and Starfield is its most ambitious project yet. Even a development

Patrick Armstrong By Patrick Armstrong

Teal Mask Is Missing Something Only Veteran Fans Appreciate

Pokémon: Scarlet and Violet has released the first part of its Hidden Treasures of Area Zero DLC. In this DLC

Ryan Clouse By Ryan Clouse

GTAV Turns 10 Years Old Today; And It’s Changed Gaming Forever

GTA: V is one of the game-changing titles of the past decade, and that's true when you consider the single-player

Adam Braunstein By Adam Braunstein

Mortal Kombat 1: Ending Explained

The Mortal Kombat 1 ending is something that most MK fans didn't expect it to be. A new era has begun thanks to

Amir Naseri By Amir Naseri

6 Starfield Items You Should Never Buy

Between shopping, crafting, mining, and looting, it's easy to fill your cargo bay in Starfield. Bethesda created a ton of items to litter its

Patrick Armstrong By Patrick Armstrong

Starfield: Story Summary and Ending Explained

Constructing a compelling plot is difficult when the player can go anywhere, but if anyone knows how to manage open-world

Patrick Armstrong By Patrick Armstrong