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About Us

Welcome to the online home of The Nerd Stash, your exclusive portal into the world of geek culture and the nerd way of life. If you are into entertainment, guides, games, reviews, gizmos, or more, The Nerd Stash is the site for you. We offer a comprehensive collection of articles, reviews, exclusives, guides, interviews, tips, and advice, all designed to keep you informed, enlightened, and maybe even entertained as you read along. Join us on this journey into the nerd life subculture, and let your inner geek shine!

Our Philosophy

Regionally headquartered in Kentucky, USA and serving the global nerd community, The Nerd Stash was founded under the principle of providing our readers informational articles they can rely on for keeping them up-to-date and in the know. We offer our readers a higher level of service and support, and our commitment to their satisfaction shows in everything we report and everything we report and review.

Founded by a long-time gamer and avid lover of all things technology-driven plus a general overall nerd, The Nerd Stash was formed and already has a great following, but we are aspiring to make an impact and make a global awareness. 

Daily, our team of experienced, talented writers bring you the latest and most updated news from the nerd world. Our in-depth game guides will walk you through those hard-to-complete challenges while we strive to keep you informed on all the latest gaming, movies, tv, celebrity news, and more!

More Nerdology than Anyone Else! From gadgets, comics, and gaming, entertainment news, hardware, and more, The Nerd Stash has all the news you need; we even cover retro games, podcasts and bring you exclusive content to listen to, so you are always in the loop.

To learn more about The Nerd Stash and our extensive nerd culture coverage, contact us at [email protected] and let one of our friendly, knowledgeable nerds assist you and answer any questions you might have.